Asseco AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

Asseco AML enables obligated institutions to implement the requirements of the act on counteracting money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Comprehensive analysis of financial transactions to prevent money laundering

Verification processes are carried out online, ensuring efficient identification and immediate suspension of suspicious transactions and sending an alert to the operator.
Asseco AML also provides full automation of processes, which increases the efficiency of operations, while limiting the involvement of employees. As a result, AML teams can focus on in-depth analysis of the cases selected by the system. The flexibility of the solution guarantees full adjustment of the application to the specifics of the institution, its internal procedures and assumptions.

Key benefits

Asseco AML supports activities in the area of counteracting money laundering and financing of terrorism by automating the process of recurring customer risk assessment, transaction verification and reporting in accordance with the regulatory requirements.
Low costs

Lower costs associated with handling transaction identification process.

Speed of action

Immediate preventive action.

Legal status

Compliance with current legal procedures.

System matching

Quick adaptation of the system to the needs of the institution.


Full automation of processes.


Efficient reporting.

Full automation of the processes

The system can operate in a completely automatic manner which makes the user's intervention required only if unusual transactions are identified. As a result, they are stopped, and the operator is notified.

Key functionalities

Asseco AML is a system included in the Asseco Integrated Analytical Platform (Asseco IAP) which enables effective management of processes in the Compliance area.

Reporting to the regulator:

The system generates reports containing information on selected transactions. Each of the registered transactions is subject to a validation process, which guarantees the compliance of the report with the requirements imposed by the regulator.


The system is equipped with a set of business rules that allows identification of transactions above the threshold, related transactions and suspicious transactions. The solution enables the creation of a customer behavior pattern in the context of transactions carried out by him, aimed at the detection of abnormal activities.

Comprehensive verification

Asseco AML provides verification of customers and transactions in terms of their presence on blacklists or whitelists and in the PEP database (Politically Exposed Person). It can be carried out both online and offline. Efficient real-time analysis results in the quick identification and immediate suspension of suspicious transactions.

Customer risk assessment

The system allows the customer to be assessed for their susceptibility to money laundering. It generates individual AML reports, containing a list of studied factors and the final risk assessment. The flexible design of the customer risk assessment model allows the user to efficiently modify and optimize processes and adapt them to the individual needs of the institution.

Support for AML teams

Full automation of processes and increasing the efficiency of activities, while limiting employee involvement.