Asseco FDS (Fraud Detection System)

Asseco FDS allows organizations to reduce the risk of external and internal threats related to criminal activities.

Asseco FDS allows to increase the efficiency of the organization's activities

The solution can be implemented as a tool covering all areas of the organization's activities exposed to fraud, or as a solution dedicated to a specific area.
One of the advantages of implementing a comprehensive solution is the ability to correlate the customer data from different sources, which allows the user to get a full picture of its activities in relation to all products and channels of activity. Preventive actions taken by the system in real time may concern, among others, suspension of suspicious transactions and detection of attempts to obtain a loan at the application stage.

Key benefits

The modular structure of the solution enables the use of selected Asseco FDS components, or the use of the whole as a platform for multi-area detection of:
- internal frauds,
- operational frauds (products and transactions),
- frauds in remote channels,
- first party frauds (loan frauds).
Reduction of losses

Asseco FDS guarantees reduction in the number of losses resulting from criminal activities.


Quick identification of symptoms indicating the possibility of fraud.


Quick adjustment of detection rules to changing trends.


Cross-channel and cross-product customer focus.


Effective allocation of the organization's resources.


The ability to adapt the tool to specific business challenges.

Preventive and detecting activities

The system provides preventive and detecting activities aimed at early identification of symptoms indicating the possibility of fraud. Automation of processes in the Asseco FDS system also allows to increase the efficiency of the organization's activities while limiting employee involvement. As a result, the anti-fraud teams can focus on an in-depth analysis of the cases selected by the system.

Internal fraud

Frauds committed by the organization’s employees are the most difficult to detect. They often last long and are disclosed several years after their occurrence. In addition, the specificity of a given organization, its systems and internal procedures determines the frequency of occurrence and the type of the most common internal frauds.

To meet the expectations of customers, Asseco FDS, on one hand includes a predefined set of detection rules that support the detection of fraud by employees of financial institutions. On the other, the full system parameterization allows the user to flexibly adapt the tool to the specific needs of an organization.


E-banking frauds

Asseco FDS is the answer to the growing number of threats in cyberspace, the increasing number of attacks on users of electronic banking and rapidly changing fraud scenarios. The tool is designed for analyzing the behavior of a user using electronic banking by creating security in the form of two independent defense lines. The first line of defense enables the detecting of symptoms that indicate an attempt of fraud at the time of logging in to the remote channel.

The second line of defense protects the user from attempts to order unauthorized transactions before funds are transferred outside the Bank. The system conducts detection processes in real time in a manner invisible to users, which is important due to the convenience of use and the organization’s obligations in terms of service continuity. Such action allows an immediate reaction in case of detection of the so-called red flags, which may consist of blocking access to a remote channel or suspending a suspicious transaction.

Counteracting first party fraud

AssecoFDS supports financial institutions in reducing financial losses caused by loan frauds. The tool is designed for the automatic verification of loan applications against specific detection rules. Verification can be carried out in real time or at specific time intervals based on batch data. The flexible editor of system rules enables quick identification of suspicious loan applications and allows effective counteracting threats in the area of loan frauds, such as operations of organized crime groups, identity theft and document forgery. The system also allows the monitoring of the process of granting loans in the context of tampering with data on loan applications by employees of the organization or occurrence of other internal frauds regarding the process of granting loans.


Operation frauds

Asseco FDS supports organizations in the process of monitoring sold products in terms of their use for illegal purposes. Monitoring transactional banking or bank accounts allows early identification of the so-called mule accounts, accounts for advance fraud or used to receive proceeds from crime.

Detection rules enable the quick detection of the so-called red flags and, as a consequence, to immediately take action to mitigate the risk of using a financial institution for criminal purposes, such as identity theft and document forging.

Key functionalities

Asseco FDS is a system included in the Asseco Integrated Analytical Platform (Asseco IAP), which enables the effective management of processes in the Compliance area.

Flexible editor of rules

The system is equipped with a user-friendly rule editor that allows easy and quick addition of a new rule or modification of an existing detection rule, depending on the user’s needs. This action allows for a quick response in response to the emergence of a new behavior of perpetrators of fraud and a search of the system repository for similar incidents.

Real-time prevention

data monitoring is carried out based on the created rules and allows for identification of suspicious situations in real time and taking immediate preventive action. Detection processes may result, among others, in blocking access to selected remote channels, suspending suspicious transactions and suspending the loan application acceptance process.

Case management

The case management module is integrated with other modules functioning in the system, making it a communication platform between the user and the analytical layer of the system. It allows the user to: automatically generate alerts, define tasks and cases in the dictionary, monitor the workload of employees and assign cases adequately to the number of activities carried out by them.

Reporting module

The system provides the ability to generate reports presenting many aspects of the tool's work as well as the anti-fraud team, thus supporting the optimal use of the organization's resources. The reports illustrate, among other things, the effectiveness of selected detection rules or the use of resources in the process of analyzing selected incidents.

Geolocation data

Asseco FDS enables the support of the process of granting loans in remote channels and monitoring the authentication of users of electronic banking through the possibility of using geolocation databases supporting the processes of the behavioral analysis of customers.


The system provides the ability to automatically check transactions or entities against white and black lists that are modified from the user interface. The lists functioning in the system are integrated with analytical rules and irregularity search mechanisms.

Make the work in Compliance easier!

Asseco FDS increases the effectiveness of the organization’s activities. The module structure of the solution makes it possible to use selected elements.